Breast implants - Warnings

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Our breast implants — WARNINGS —

Breast implants have a limited lifespan. Given the possible complications mentioned above and the natural wear and tear on the implant in the body (daily mechanical strain), the implant is likely to require withdrawal or replacement, which may involve another surgical intervention. The practitioner should warn their patients of all the complications that could occur during surgery and after the implantation and inform them of the alternatives to the implantation of breast prostheses (wearing of external prostheses, breast reconstruction, etc.).

The patient must be aware that if he has his implant(s) removed without re-implantation, the result will be unaesthetic (sagging breast, wrinkles, etc.). In order to proceed with the implantation, the practitioner should obtain the patient’s free and informed consent using the specific document. Practitioners are advised to insist on the importance of normal checks for the detection of breast cancer, in addition to post-operative follow-up in order to detect any possible complications. The patient should comply with inspection visits and report any traumatism, deflation or pain in the area of the implant.

It is also essential to insist on the precautions the patient should take, particularly the need to keep with them their completed patient card provided by the practitioner, the use of topical drugs near the breasts, the need to point out the presence of a breast implant during imaging tests or medical interventions in the area close to the implantation, the need to wait at least three months after the intervention before getting pregnant and the importance of self-examination of the breasts every month. For the latter, we recommend showing the patient how to do this.